Current Job Openings:
Dunstan Middle School in Lakewood is looking for an extended Computer Science substitute, beginning in the near future and lasting 4 weeks or longer.  Interested candidates should contact Janna Golgart ( or LaVon Whipple ( ).
Student Award Opportunities:
NCWIT Aspirations Awards
are open from 9/1/20 to 11/5/20 for high school and middle school female students who excel in computing.  Please encourage your top female students to apply. Teachers are encouraged to apply for the Educator Award.
Opportunities for your classroom:
CS@Mines Female Undergraduate Mentors for your classroom!
Mentoring and role modeling are important ways to have an impact on high school students. DECtech and the Computer Science Department at Mines are partnering with local high school teachers to help foster and maintain female and underrepresented student interest in CS. Our Mines students are excited about the opportunity to assist in Computer Science classrooms!
If you are a Computer Science teacher with interest in having a CS@Mines female and/or underrepresented student involved in your course this year, complete the interest form. We will get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs and to schedule our student involvement in your class.