Professional Development Opportunities:
Relay is getting ready to run our last iteration of the Enhancing Problem Solving for Elementary Educators professional learning course in March 2021. 
The course runs from March 17th through May 5th and successful participants can earn CTLE credits (NYC DOE teachers), PDU Credits (DPS teachers), and a $500 gift card for everyone else. Registration closes March 5th.
We are also bringing back Bee Bots so all participants will walk away with a free Bee Bot to use in their classrooms!
Opportunities for Students:
Students need to complete 20% of the game by March 8 to qualify for nationals and therefore scholarships and further training.
Opportunities for your classroom:
CS@Mines Female Undergraduate Mentors for your classroom!
Mentoring and role modeling are important ways to have an impact on high school students. DECtech and the Computer Science Department at Mines are partnering with local high school teachers to help foster and maintain female and underrepresented student interest in CS. Our Mines students are excited about the opportunity to assist in Computer Science classrooms!
If you are a Computer Science teacher with interest in having a CS@Mines female and/or underrepresented student involved in your course this year, complete the interest form. We will get in touch with you to discuss your specific needs and to schedule our student involvement in your class.